What we do for you ?

 1.  Evaluate your situation as to what RV form of travel you and your spouse are  best suited for, Winston and Betty have gone through the trials and tribulations that comes with making this decision and knows the questions each has to ask  themselves as to what is best suited for you.

2. If you have an existing RV for sale we will help you market it for a true value quickly at a very reasonable fee, also we will do a trade on your old unit to your new one through WinBett Management Corporation to minimize your tax obligations!!!

3. We will help you shop for your new unit whether it be a brand new RV or a previously enjoyed unit which we have in our system looking for their solution.

4.We will negotiate between buyer and seller to create a win win situation as opposed to a wish and wait!!!!

5. We can assist in the financing of any shortfall required.

6. We will find competitive warranty solutions with a reasonable deductible and costs.

7. If your desired solution is in the US new or used we will transport, import, Canadianise, do all paperwork and ensure RV is in your name, safeties, e-tested and ready for your enjoyment for a reasonable fee.

8. We will ensure you have RV service available to you when you need it and yes the solutions we assist you in owning can be used in Canadian camp grounds, Federal, Provincial and private throughout our great country!!!!

9. Check out my solutions section to see ways Betty and I have enhanced our lives with our preferred business services.

Our system is so competitive we have been asked to remove New RV prices from our web site so we don’t upset our fellow Ontario Dealers!!!! Just call Winston at 813-713-8047 or 613-382-4625 for private low pricing.

WinBett Management Corporation OMVIC Registration number 5047154

Winston Leslie Brown OMVIC registration number  4963682


WinBett Standard Fees

Sales Commissions charged to seller 5-10% of final sale price

Import fee (includes RIV, Brokerage, and A/C Excise Tax) 1100.00

RV Pick up and Deliver charges (Driver 1.00 insurance.25 WinBett.75) 2.00 per driven mile

License Fee 10.00 plus cost

Delivered with full tank 1.10 per Liter

Admin Fee 295.00

All charges plus 13% HST