• 2009 • 63000 Miles
  • $169,900
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WinBett Recreation Solutions


WinBett Recreation Solutions summarizes Five Decades of the journey I’ve endured and enjoyed with my wife partnered in the challenges of life, family and success.

Hello I’m Winston Brown How Are You Today?

Twelve years ago when I was short a few years from turning Sixty years of age I purchased our first Recreation Bus and progressively my wife Betty and I grew a much valued appreciation for the RV Community and Experience.

Our core business a Commercial/Residential Construction and Development Company called WinBett Management Corp over the years has implemented a diverse approach to the Logistics and Heavy Equipment associated with the Construction and Development Industry.

Additionally to having in-house mechanic(s) and shop I obtained the Certification and Licensing required for Wholesaling in the

Automotive - Equipment - Marine Secondary Markets

which has positioned WinBett with competitive advantages and diversity over the years.

The tangible bypass of the RV Dealerships’ Distribution Roles accompanied with my ability to Discern and Validate the Mechanical Soundness of the Recreation Bus itself positioned our first and every purchase since with the assurance that our investment retained its Value and our travel Unhampered with Breakdowns, Repairs and Expense.

 The camaraderie associated with the RV Community transcending new acquaintances into friends I began assisting and providing individuals with a Wholesale Window/Avenue for their Search – Discern – Purchase of their next Recreation Solution.

Consequently I applied a peripheral focus on the activity within the Wholesale Markets and from time to time would come across a Sound/Solid Recreation Solutions yet not necessarily a defined Home/Owner for the Solution. With a few bucks saved up over the years I was/am able to take on the Risk/Purchase and Facilitate such discoveries with a Safe Assumed Certainty that the Solution and its Value is and will be a Preferred Choice for a soon to be owner.

Furthermore there is a newfound awareness amongst fellow Recreation Bus owners that I have come to know over the years who realize they can attain a better value for their Exit as well as for the potential new Owner/Buyer if the process bypasses the Dealership Distribution. Therefore from time to time I facilitate a few Recreation Solution on consignment from their owners all of which maintain a WIN-WIN Solution for all involved.

Thank you

Winston Brown

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